Soy Wax Melt Clamshell

Soy Wax Melt Clamshell


Our cube clamshell soy wax melts weighs approximately 60 grams and heart shaped clamshells weigh approximately 80 grams. There are 6 pieces of separable 100% soy wax melts in a clamshell. 


We use 100% soy wax and premium oils, without any additives nore dye. Our melts ensures a high-quality burn, with a strong scent throw that lasts and lasts.  The biodegradable glitter that is used in Christmas collection is a fabulous alternative to traditional plastic-based glitter. Plant based, cosmetic grade, cruelty free and 100% gorgeous and sparkly, this is the planet friendly way to add some sparkle to your life.


Our melts ensures a high-quality burn, with a strong scent throw that lasts and lasts.


We use recycable clamshells for our wax melts. They are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Never leave the burner unattended.


Keep away from children, vulnerable people and animals. Whenever a naked flame is involved there is a risk of danger.


Do Not add water to hot wax as it can be dangerous.


Hot wax can cause burns to the skin so be careful.


Do Not ingest – if eaten seek emergency medical attention immediately.


Ensure you extinguish the tea light of wax burner before you go to sleep or leave the house.


Ensure you remove any packaging from wax melts before use. If using a small wax burner -only use 1 wax melt at a time. Otherwise we recommend using 2 or more wax melts at a time.


Do Not transport a wax burner while in use as melted wax can spill and cause burns.


Ensure wax melts are stored in a safe place away from children as they may smell or look like sweet and they should not be eaten.


Wax melts do not evaporate but will eventually lose its scent and then the wax melt should be discarded. Please read how to discard the remaining wax melt on the ' How To Use Wax Melts?' section.


Do not pour melted wax into drain.